Go debugging

Debugging Golang apps in Docker with Visual Studio Code

Context We’ve recently had some problems with a Go application that was running inside a Docker container in a very big Docker Compose setup. After getting fed up with writing console prints and rebuilding the Docker image for that container and spinning up all the containers to debug things,...

ruby useful gems

Start writing tests in Ruby: useful gems

Being a QA engineer is a continuous struggle in finding the right resources in order to get the job done easier and more efficiently. If you are planning to write automated tests in RSpec (Ruby’s testing framework), then you should take a look over these gems. Please notice that I am most...

testing and fixtures

Setup Testing and Fixtures in Symfony2: The Easy Way

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Setting up testing and fixtures in Symfony2 is vital if you plan on starting Test Driven Development or you simply want to start covering your code with properly written tests that can access mock data.   1. Install PHPUnit and php 5.6 The first thing you need to do is...

Building a Face Detection Web API in Node.js

Introduction As a follow-up to my previous article on how to use your webcam for face detection with OpenCV, I’d like to show you how you can create your own web API for that. There are a few Node.js modules out there that do just that. A few of...

How to monitor Symfony and Apache logs with M/Monit

So you have developed and deployed a fresh new project and you want to be alerted in case an error happens. Here’s how you do it using the M/Monit tool. It can be installed on an Ubuntu machine using the following command: Now edit the /etc/monit/monitrc configuration file and add...

How To Mock Endpoints in Automated Acceptance Tests

The purpose of acceptance testing is to reproduce production environment as much as possible in order to evaluate the software in a ‘real-world’ situation similar to what the customers will experience and this includes using real endpoints. But using real endpoints has some disadvantages. In automated acceptance tests, the...

send emails in symfony2

Send Emails in Symfony2: The Right Way

No matter what your app is about, at one you point you will have to send emails in Symfony2. Even though this process might seem straightforward and easy to apply, it can actually get pretty tricky. Here’s how you can send emails in Symfony2 by properly splitting your functionality...

Face Detector using OpenCV and C

Build a Face Detector on OS X Using OpenCV and C++

Building and using C++ libraries can be a daunting task, even more so for big libraries like OpenCV. This article should get you started with a minimal build of OpenCV and a sample application written in C++. This application will get images from the webcam, draw rectangles around the...

Symfony2 Facebook and Google Login: The Easy Way

Since pretty much any potential user of an app has a Facebook or a Google account, it’s crucial to have a login or registration service using these social networks. Luckily, HWIOAuthBundle provides the necessary tools to accomplish this. So here’s an easy and straightforward way to integrate HWIOAuth in our app alongside...

APIs in Symfony2

Getting Started with Building APIs in Symfony2

Hello all you Interwebs friends! While we’re passing through the shallow mists of time, REST is becoming more and more of a universal standard when building web applications. That said, here’s a very brief tutorial on how to get started with building APIs in Symfony2. Spoiler alert: the bits of code written...
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