Hi there, reader! 🙂 This article presents some tips on how you can handle those customers who are a little more difficult to handle, based on my own experience.

Whether you’re planning to chat or write emails, below are my top suggestions on how to create the best interaction with your customers, even if they are not so nice.

1. Don’t take it personally

One of the most difficult tasks in maintaining your calm when dealing with angry customers is to not take their frustration personally. You shouldn’t do that as they know that you did not cause the problem. Listening to what they have to say without interrupting and then finding a way to help them out will cool down the situation.

Also, as a professional customer service specialist, you shouldn’t argue back. If they become abusive, let them know that you understand their situation and you are there to help.

2. Empathize

This would be the most important rule which I often associate with the law of attraction – if you act with patience and empathize, you’ll receive gratitude even though the problem is not solved.

Some customers keep coming back. Asking questions as “How are you today?” or “How is it going?” will help in creating that special bond between you and your customer which will lead you to know them as people and not just simple buyers.

3. Be patient

Patience is a virtue especially when dealing with angry customers. Some of them may get angrier as the live chat continues, but if you stay in control and redirect the conversation to a happy resolution, things may move in the right direction. Each customer is different and being patient with each of them will improve the quality of conversation.

4. Inform the customer when he needs to wait while you’re investigating

Often times and usually when I chat with customers, the investigation requires time and they have to wait. Phrases such as “I appreciate your patience while I’m investigating your case.” or ” Just a moment please while I am looking for more details” will make it clear to the customer when he needs to wait and also avoid the repeated “Are you there?”. Asking questions regarding their problem will also help you take back control and extract the information you need to get to the bottom of their situation.

Also, if I’m caught in multiple investigations, I usually tell them that I’m helping other customers as well and my reply can be delayed. However, always assure them that they will receive feedback from your side.

5. Knowing when and how to apologize

I know that it is difficult being truly sincere when you are trying to keep your cool, but an apology at the right moment can calm down the customer. Depending on situation, there are a few different ways you can apologize to your customers such as:

“I’m sorry you are so frustrated. I understand your situation and I will do my best to help you”

“I am really sorry that I misunderstood your problem.”

“I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and your team.”

6. Solve the problem

If you applied the rules from above, your customer should be finally relaxed. This means that you can work with him in order to find a resolution that satisfies both sides.

7. End the conversation with a happy note

It is very important to end a chat session on a high note. Instead of giving an “abrupt goodbye”, you can ask your customer if there’s anything else you can do for them and reminding that you are right there for them if they require any assistance. Also, wishing them a wonderful day and a sunny weather should give the “goodbye” a “talk to you soon” meaning, which is great.

8. Relax, take it easy

Let the anger go away with your customer. Always remember that a focused mind requires a relaxed state, so don’t forget to take a break when you cannot concentrate. Take a walk to the kitchen, drink a cup of tea while enjoying the view, play a game with your colleague or listen to Mika’s song (Relax, take it easy) as it will help you to relieve the stress. Also, it is scientifically proven that taking a deep breath multiple times will help you concentrate even more.

I believe that these tips aren’t only for customer support. You can practice them every day of your life, as communication is the key to good relations between the people. Knowing how to communicate will allow building connections and a great success.

…and at the end, no matter what, don’t forget to smile! 🙂