Being able to find a mutually beneficial solution (MBS) is one of the most important skills for any customer support specialist. It involves being able to work with a customer to negotiate a resolution to their problem or complaint that will end up being satisfactory for both parties.

Definition: Mutually beneficial solutions involve finding a resolution to a customer’s problem or complaint that will be advantageous to both the customer and the business. This means looking for solutions that can please both parties, rather than ones that may just suit the business’s needs.

How they are used: A customer support specialist will often use MBS when dealing with customer complaints and enquiries. They will look to understand the customer’s issue and the desired outcome, before providing options and solutions that can satisfy both the business’s needs and the customer’s expectations.

Why they are useful: MBS are important as they demonstrate to the customer that their satisfaction is of the utmost priority and that their needs have been taken into consideration. Achieving a mutually beneficial solution can create positive experiences for customers, as a result of which they are likely to return as positive brand advocates.

How they can be improved: Improving MBS skills involve listening to customers for understanding, rather than just trying to provide a solution as quickly as possible. It also involves understanding the customer’s goals and tailoring any solutions to their specific situation.

Examples and use cases:

An example of a MBS could be finding a suitable price for a product that allows the customer to get the item they want, while the business still turns a profit. Another example could be providing additional services or discounts to ensure customers are happy with their purchase and remain loyal customers.

Using MBS in customer support is essential in order to create positive customer experiences, build strong customer relationships and ultimately ensure customer loyalty. By implementing MBS strategies, businesses can ensure that their customer support team operates at optimum levels in order to reach a resolution that is acceptable to both the business and the customer.