We all wish, hope and want for good things to happen as often as possible in our life. Even from the beginning, we are all trying to be good kids, then, as teenagers to get good grades, as young people to graduate a good college, as adults to have a good job, to build a good family and live a good life. Good is enough, is normal…is perfect. But let me ask you something: isn’t it interesting the fact that we are so used with the presence of good things in our life and we take them for granted because they are ordinary, but when something extraordinary, unexpected happens, we are so amazed and exalted and overwhelmed and we start wondering: how is this possible? How can be something good, better? What is this better thing that just happened? Why didn’t this happen before? When will it happen again? And so on. We have definitely heard that better is real and we have seen it in others life, but we have never experienced it in our lives.

Well, this is where I stand up and say: BETTER is real! Something extraordinary, unexpected, something better really happened to me and I want to share my experience with you.

I’ve always dreamed about a good job. I’ve tried to study as much as I could to gain all the necessary information I needed to be sure that I will get the job. It wasn’t easy… but time flew fast and I have graduated the college. Frankly being, due to educational system and society, I wasn’t 100% sure that I will get the job I’ve dreamed about. Anyway, I hoped and I have started looking for the desired job. The reality was cruel, but, in the end, the job offer was signed. Yeeeeey! I felt so good! I have a good job! Now I am satisfied! Once I got the job, I did my best to be a good employee and to fit in this new and nice environment. But after a while, I have realized that this job was just a good job and nothing more. The company I’ve worked for and the teammates I’ve been working with were good, the view from my desk’s window was good, everything was just good. I’ve started feeling that good was no longer enough. Therefore, when the window of opportunity was opened, I quickly flew like a shy but courageous bee outside of the good zone. Once I’ve escaped from the good zone, I’ve heard rumors about the land of the better.

Have you ever felt the need of better? Have you ever realised that good is no longer good enough and you want something better, you need something better even if it is sometimes impossible to get it? Well, I felt the same. Also, let me tell you that the impossible is achievable. How? With support from people who are ready to believe in you and help you to grow professionally and gain priceless experience within their team. This is how it happened to me. I have found a better job and a better company for me, for my needs (yes, I’m aware of the fact that good and better are subjective beliefs, we have different perceptions about what they mean).  I have met here the most amazing team I’ve ever had the chance to work with (if you don’t believe me, just come and find out for yourself). From the CEO to the newest colleague, everyone is BETTER. I am telling you, they’ve welcomed me with such love and kindness. A better job is defined, among other things, by a better team you work with.

And did I tell you about the view from my desk’s window? You and I will probably never find a better view than the one I enjoy everyday. From an unbeliever in better, I am now a strong believer and I will remain the same. Why? Because I have now a better job and I work with better people for a better company. I thought it is impossible, but now I have it and I love it and I know, feel and believe that it will last a very long time from now on.

I’m now part of a “beehive” filled with highly intelligent, strong, hardworking, funny and talented “bees” which are ready to provide the best “honey” in order to uniquely identify the company from the rest of the world through the highest quality of friendship, projects and delivered products.

Better is possible and real!