An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Facts and Fallacies

One way or another, we all heard of Artificial Intelligence. It's been there since we were born and it will surely outlive us. It’s a promise of a Utopian future and could be a harbinger of our own demise. It could help us end poverty, disease and pollution or it could see us a threat and decide to take us out. Whatever the future might hold, one thing's certain: Artificial Intelligence is (or will be) the Pyramids of a generation and most likely mankind's greatest creation.

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How to Overwrite the OS on an Ecrypted Machine

I've recently come across a situation where I had an encrypted Samsung laptop that needed a reimage. The previous owner had encrypted the HDD so that no one who would find /steal the laptop could access the data from it, which made it difficult to even boot from the USB I wanted to use, as it always loaded the OS it had installed.

If you are ever in this situation, here is what needs to be done to make the laptop usable again:

  1. Boot the computer → BIOS
  2. Go to AdvancedFast Bios Mode → set it to disabled (this will allow you the needed time to boot the OS from the bootable USB stick/CD/DVD you plan to use)
  3. Then go to  Boot Priority order and set them as follows:
    1.  USB HDD (the bootable USB I used in my case)
    2.  SATA HDD
    3. Ubuntu → disable it (this was the OS previously installed on the laptop – this step is optional)
  4. Reboot → Install OS
  5. Reboot → AdvancedFast Bios ModeEnabled
  6. Celebrate.

You could also install the OS from Live mode and use EFI mode to delete the previous record of the OS used, so that there wouldn't be multiple entries of the same OS. What is mandatory for Samsung laptops is to disable the Fast boot mode and the order for boot devices to be set 1st for the bootable USB you plan to use, the purpose here being installing a new OS (be it Ubuntu or anything else).

10 Ways to Get the Best out of Customer Support


Customer support has been designed to be a link between the customer and the product. Now, even though we may be super smart and figure out almost everything on our own, there may come a day when customer support is needed. Here are 10 things to keep in mind in order to get the best out of a support interaction:

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Who Really Invented the Internet?

While some see it as one of the greatest evolutionary steps in the history of mankind, most of us still use it for cat videos and annoying status updates. Nonetheless, the Internet has clearly taken over our lives, being directly present in our homes, our pockets, our workplace and soon enough, even in our brains. But who actually built the damn thing?
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How Teams Use Git for Big Projects

Every time a new member joins our team we have to guide him through our Git workflow. So I decided to write everything here in order to simply send them the link (and help others interested in learning how a real development team uses Git).

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Test Drive: Google Polymer

Before we get started there is one thing we have to know: the latest version of Polymer at this moment is 0.5.4 and it was launched on January 28th, 2015 and is still in developer preview.

This should give us an idea about the stage of this technology and make us ask ourselves if it really is ready to be used on production?

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iOS vs. Android - Which One Should You Choose?


Six users, six questions. After a (very) long  research about which mobile OS is better between the two, I realized that the simplest way to find that out is by actually talking to people that use them. As you might expect, everyone has its own requirements and tastes, but in the end, one of the two OSs clearly stands out.

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