Hello ! If you want to import a Objective-C code into a Swift Xcode project you definitely have to create a bridging header (this allows you to communicate with your old Objective-C classes from your Swift classes).

The process of doing this is very easy. Go to File -> New -> File , a window will appear in which you will select “Objective-C File” , name the file however you choose, then select Create. A pop-up will appear asking you if you want to create a bridging header like in the image bellow.

how to create bridging header in ios

Choose “Create Bridging Header” and voila, you a have it.
To complete the process delete the .m file that you choose the name and move the bridging header to a more suitable group inside the project navigator.

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If you want to create this manually follow the steps from here.

That’s it, hope you find this post useful and if you have suggestions please leave a comment below.