Customer support is one of the most important aspects of any business, and having the ability to find common ground with a customer can be essential for providing them with a positive user experience. Finding common ground is a set of skills that involve the ability to understand customer needs, build rapport, and develop an understanding of the customer’s perspective.

Finding common ground involves the customer service representative identifying customer needs and figuring out how best to address them. This starts by inquiring about the customer’s circumstances in order to provide better service. By gathering as much customer information as possible, the customer service representative builds a profile of the customer and can then start looking for common interests, values, or experiences.

Using finding common ground skills is beneficial for both customer and customer service representatives. By finding common ground, it helps build trust and makes the customer feel acknowledged. It also shows the customer that the customer service representative is knowledgeable and that they actually care about the customer’s needs. Additionally, having an understanding of the customer’s needs and wants allows the customer service representative to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Finding common ground skills can be improved by being patient and authentic when engaging with customers. It is also important to take feedback from customers and use it to continuously improve the service provided. Furthermore, customer service representatives should also actively seek out customer feedback through surveys and social media platforms.

A finding common ground example could be when a customer service representative identifies that a customer is having an issue with their order and finds out that the order has been delayed due to an unforeseen circumstance. In this case, the customer service representative could explain the situation and apologize for the inconvenience, show empathy for the customer’s situation, and then offer to take additional steps to address the issue. The representative could also offer incentives or discounts to irk the customer’s favor.

Overall, understanding and identifying customer needs is the key to providing great customer service. By combining customer service skills with finding common ground skills, it allows customer service representatives to build a relationship with customers and ensure satisfaction.