“How much does it cost to outsource IT support?” is something you may have pondered. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, knowing the financial aspects of hiring outside IT support can be very relevant, especially if you consider the projected growth of the market over the next decade.

According to Fact.MR, the global market for IT support is expected to grow from $66.3 billion in 2023 to almost double, namely $111 billion by the end of 2033.

how much does it cost to outsource it support


Breaking Down the Pricing Models

First, let’s take a look at the different price models that affect how much it costs to hire someone to handle IT support for your customers.

Rate per Hour: The Quick Fix

Imagine that you’re having a calm day when, all of a sudden, your email system decides to go off-grid. Set condition DEFCON 1! This is where the hourly rate plan comes in.

If you need to fix an IT problem right away, paying by the hour is the best way to do it. It’s simple, adaptable, and gets the job done without making a long-term commitment. But if you’re not careful, the cost can add up quickly.

Monthly Retainer: The Subscription Box

These days, you can subscribe to anything, from snacks to socks, even IT support. If you choose a monthly fee, it’s like having a menu of IT services that you can eat from. For a flat fee, it gives you peace of mind that all of your IT needs are taken care of. This model is the best choice for companies that want to keep an eye on their IT environment all the time without having to worry about hidden costs.

Even though it’s nice to know what will happen, make sure you use all the services that are available to get the most for your money.

Pay-Per-View Event: The Price of a Ticket

It’s like each help request is a ticket to a special event with lots of other people. This plan works great for businesses with IT systems that are mostly stable and only need an all-star to step in every once in a while.

It lets companies budget for IT help by letting them pay as they go, which can save them money if they know exactly what they will need. The costs can change, though, just like with a pay-per-view event, depending on how often and how rigorous the shows are.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource IT Support: Factors That Influence Outsourcing Costs

As we dig deeper,  we come across the biggest factors that affect the end cost.

The cost is influenced by the scope of your need, the volume of assistance required and the expertise of the hired help

Your Need Dictates How Much You Pay.

Your IT help needs are like cars that need different levels of upkeep. Some cars may only need a basic tune-up, like an oil change or the tyres rotated. Of course, the price will go up if your needs are more complicated. How much you spend on help depends on the complexity of your IT needs..

Volume Is Important: One-Man Shows vs. Full Squads

Let’s say you’re cooking a meal. Getting food ready for one person is easy, but what about a whole football squad? Likewise, the number of users who need help is a key factor in figuring out how much outsourcing will cost. A small team might use some of your IT support budget, but a group of people from across the whole company will definitely use more. When there are more users, there are usually more help tickets, which means that more people need to be on call.

Expertise: What You Pay Is What You Get

The amount of skill you call on for IT support makes a difference. Need a general check-up or some small repairs? Someone who does general IT help might be enough, and they won’t charge the family’s cow. For more complicated or specialised issues, you’ll need to hire an IT professional operator, who will charge more for their services.

Average Costs by Service Type

We are now in the area of service types and the prices that go with them. IT support is like a well-thought-out meal: it comes in different courses, each one meant to satisfy your business’s tech needs.

Basic Support: The IT Appetiser

To start, we have basic help, which is like a starter in the world of IT services. In this group, you’ll find people who answer general IT questions and fix small bugs. It’s there to meet your quick, simpler wants without overloading your taste buds or your budget.

This choice is great for businesses that only need a little help to keep things running smoothly because it is simple and essential. It gives you a bit of peace of mind without costing a lot.

IT Management for Everyone: The Main Course

The options get better and more complicated as we move on to the main meal. Full-service IT management is what your business needs when it wants a lot of different services. This choice covers everything, from managing networks and servers to making sure they are safe online.

This menu is made for businesses that need a lot of ongoing help figuring out the complicated IT world. It costs more, but it covers a lot of ground and does it well.

Custom Solutions: The Chef’s Special

Custom solutions are the chef’s master stroke of IT help for people who want a one-of-a-kind experience. These are the steps where the service provider creates a special mix of services that are just right for your business.

Custom solutions are priced based on how complicated and extensive your needs are. This is true whether you’re combining old systems with new ones or putting in place a custom security policy. Like a fancy restaurant, it costs more, but the support service perfectly fits with your business goals.

Here at IntelligentBee, we are all about coming up. with customised solutions for our partners, in order to be the best fit for their requirements.

saving money without sacrificing quality

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource IT Support: Saving Money Without Sacrificing Quality

As we get closer to the wrapping up, let’s talk about what every business that wants to save money needs to do. And that is: to not sacrifice quality. Let’s look at ways to get the most out of the money you spend on IT help.

You can save money through discounts for service packages, choosing only what you need to use and by committing to long-term partnerships

Should You Buy in Bulk or À La Carte?

Deals are great for everyone. When you hire outside IT help, think of the different services you can get as things you need to buy. You could buy them one at a time and pay full price for each one (called “à la carte”). Or you could choose a group deal, in which services are bundled together. Not to mention, often at a discount.

You have to decide whether to buy coffee beans separately or get a great deal on a breakfast set. Bundling services not only makes your support system easier to use. It also helps you keep costs low and doable.

The Marie Kondo Method for Choosing Efficiency Over Extravagance

Just like Marie Kondo, who is an expert at getting rid of junk, take a moment to think about which IT services add real value to your business.

You should go through your IT support services like you would a wardrobe full of clothes you haven’t worn yet. It may be time to let go of something that isn’t helping your business. This will make room for services that fit your budget and plan better.

When you stay loyal to a brand, it pays off.

Have you ever been given a free coffee for being a regular customer at a local coffee shop? In the same way, this is pretty much how IT help services work. Building a long-term relationship with your outsourcing company can give you a lot of benefits, such as lower prices, faster help, and more.

Providers like reliable customers and are often ready to give them better deals or extra services if they stay with them. It proves the old proverb that ood things come to those who stay.

Wrapping It Up: The Sweet Spot of IT Support Outsourcing

So, how much does it cost to outsource IT support? We now know that the answer is as different as the companies that asked it. You can operate with outsourcing if you know how prices are calculated, what affects prices, and what different services cost. You can ensure every dollar you spend on support by shopping around, putting speed first, and building relationships.

At IntelligentBee, we are dedicated to speed, offer flexible service sets, and build long-term relationships. Feel free to reach out in order to create an IT support plan that fits your budget and helps your business grow.