Cookie File Usage Policy

A cookie is a text file that can be stored, depending on your settings, in a dedicated space on the hard disk of your device (your personal computer, tablet or smartphone) when viewing an online service using your web browser. It is sent by the webserver to your browser. Each cookie has a unique and anonymous identifier. The cookie file allows the sender to identify the device on which it is stored until the cookie expires. A cookiecannotbe used to identify a particular individual.

Types of cookies used on this site

When you visit, we may install different types of cookies: functionality cookies and, depending on your options, performance cookies or social network cookies.

Funtionality Cookies

Cookie features enable you to navigate the site and use its essential features, such as secure areas on the site. These cookies do not collect any information that could be used for marketing or targeted ad purposes.

Cookie Name Purpose More information
_cfduid online support Duration: 1 year
phpsessid functionality Duration: during the session
uncode_privacy functionality Duration: 1 year
uncodeAI.css functionality Duration: during the session
uncodeAI.images Duration: during the session
uncodeAI.screen Duration: during the session
Performance Cookies

Performance cookies are used to make statistics and reports that monitor the use of the website (visited sections and content, duration of the connection to the website, number of error messages that appear). We use this type of information to improve the content and usefulness of our services, as well as to test new features.

This site uses the Google Analytics, Google Inc. (“Google”) website traffic analysis service. Google Analytics uses cookies to help the website understand how visitors use it. The data generated by cookies on the use of your site (including IP address) will be sent to Google and stored by Google on servers located in the United States.

Cookie Name Purpose More information
_ga Statistics Duration: 2 years
_gat Statistics Duration: 1 day
_gid Statistics Duration: 1 day
_hjid Statistics Duration: permanent
collect Statistics Duration: during the session
hjviewportid Statistics Duration: during the session
Social Network Cookies – targeting cookies

The so-called targeting cookies are related to services provided by third parties, such as the “like” or “share” buttons. They are used to provide you with services or to remind you about the preferences of sharing with social networks.

The social network that offers such buttons can use them to identify you, even if you did not use the button while visiting our website. In fact, this type of button can be used by the social network to understand your browsing habits on our site, even if you did nothing but keep your social network account open on your device while you visited our site.

We have no control over the process used by social networks to collect information about your browsing habits on our site and which are related to your personal data they hold. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of such social networks, so that you understand how and by whom – especially advertisers –the browsing information they can get from these application buttons is used. These privacy policies should allow you to choose and set your own settings for each of these social networks.

Cookie Name Purpose More information
_fbp Marketing Facebook targeting
ads/ga-audiences Marketing Google AdWords
lang Marketing LinkedIn targeting
fr Marketing Facebook targeting
lidc Marketing LinkedIn targeting
tr Marketing Facebook targeting
xs Marketing Facebook targeting
hjincludedInSample Marketing Duration: during the session
rc::c Marketing Duration: during the session
Management of cookies used on the site

You can set your browser so as to ensure that cookies are stored on your device or, on the contrary, that they are not stored (i.e. blocked), always or depending on the sender. You can also set your browser software so that you are prompted for cookie permissions each time – whether or not you wish to save or block the cookies that were sent to you.

All cookies stored before changing the settings will remain on your computer. You can delete them by using your browser settings.

In addition, for performance cookies:

You can disable Google Analytics performance cookies by downloading and installing the browser plugin.

In order to disable cookies for social networks:
Please see the cookie policy of each of the social networks in question, so that you can choose the right options for each of them, by configuring the settings of your choice with individual networks.