Professional Web And Mobile Development

Your complete development partner to grow your business. We nurture your idea and build, implement and deliver the product.

Founded in 2010, IntelligentBee designs and develops web and mobile apps


For us creativity represents the ability to find the perfect solution for your business. The success of the design process will ensure that your project will have a quick development stage. A creative solution will ensure a scalable and innovative product.


We thrive on working smart to ensure our projects are always shipped on time. Regardless of the technology, we will turn your vision into a real business. Just as we’ve done for several years in which we developed web applications and websites for happy customers.


We take great pride in shipping only high quality products. This is achieved only by thoroughly testing each piece of the web application or website. We view project launching as one of the most critical steps of the process. Your business will reach the market only in perfect condition.



iOS, Android, Responsive Design


HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS


NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Symfony, GO lang

The Culture

We choose the projects that enable us to work happily and we're always hungry to learn new and exciting things. We are honest with both our peers and our work and we're confidently humble to meet and surpass any expectations.

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