Our Story

Born from the need of a custom software development company that gathers full-stack dedicated developers and skilled technical support associates, IntelligentBee is fully integrating into your existing teams or culture, acting like your own extension and delivering flawless implementation for your ideas.

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Building the perfect product means working closely with our clients.

Web Development

Functional solutions built with a breath of elegance through Node.js, React JS, Golang, PHP and more.


Mobile App Development

Handy and reliable, our intuitive apps are everything you’ve been looking for, be it for iOS or Android.


Outsourced Technical Support

While you’re focusing on growing your company, we focus on your customers 24/7.



Knowing Node.JS inside out is not enough for us. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience with React.JS, Ruby on Rails, Golang, PHP/Symfony3+, Nginx, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS, Heroku.


Front-end technologies are no news for us because here at IntelligentBee our collaborative work ethic means that we’re always on top of the latest trends with cutting edge tools and a full-stack team of dedicated developers. Using a wide range of skills that our diverse team has to offer, we’re the definition of perfect teamwork. Why not check out our Pell.io app and see for yourself?


Whether you’re looking for Android or iOS solutions, we have a complete range of options ready at the tap of a finger. Our designers and engineers work together to bring you a smooth, minimalist experience, while still retaining full functionality and accessibility through our unique code writing. Newton si an example of a project that uses technology to better your life and bring you comfort.


We create web applications written in Node.JS and Golang as core technologies, but also PHP/Symfony and React.JS where the situation allows us to. For real-time systems we go with Node.js, however when we need to handle high loads, Golang is our go-to language. The list goes on with NoSQL, Redis, React.JS, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Ceph, Jenkins, Docker, etc.


Think of a honeycomb and you’ll understand how nature designs connections. For us, technology, integration and connectivity are crucial.  That’s why IntelligentBee is at the forefront of this shift, because we understand how important it is to link projects, services, tools and applications to one another seamlessly, through 3rd party but also homemade APIs.


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