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Facing business growth challenges? Our offshore outsourcing solutions offer efficient, innovative support and development services.

From personnel outsource solutions to engineering, IntelligentBee, a leader among Romania outsourcing companies, is your partner for managed services and outsourcing.

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Tailored Solutions

Customized for Your Sector

Our services are a snug fit, whether you're scaling e-commerce platforms, innovating in healthcare, or leading fintech transformations. We're the software development company that understands your unique needs.

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Dedicated Account Managers

Your Direct Link

Forget about communication hurdles. With a dedicated manager, you’ll enjoy direct, open conversations, ensuring your queries are answered promptly.

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Data Security & Compliance

Your Data's Safe With Us

In an era where security is paramount, we stand guard. Compliance with your sector's standards isn't just a goal—it's a guarantee.

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Real-time Analytics & Reports

Immediate Insights

Leverage our real-time analytics for a deeper dive into customer interactions and service efficiency, keeping your strategy a step ahead.

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Integration with Existing Systems

Seamless Integration

Our solutions blend into your existing setup effortlessly, ensuring smooth operations without the need for extensive system overhauls.

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Multi-Channel Support

Support on All Fronts

Our multi-channel approach means your customers find support through any medium, be it chat or call, guaranteeing satisfaction across the board.

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Continuous Improvement

Ever-Evolving Services

We thrive on feedback, continuously refining our services to better meet your growing demands and align with your evolving business model.

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Language & Cultural Adaptation

Globally Understood

Go global with ease. Our culturally adept teams break barriers, making your international expansion feel less like a leap and more like a step.

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Training & Onboarding

Effortless Onboarding

Quick, effective onboarding is crucial. Our approach ensures your team is ready and operational, propelling you forward without delay.

IntelligentBee: Values Beyond Service

Born from a passion for development and precision, IntelligentBee - one of the top outsourcing companies in eastern Europe - thrives with a team of highly skilled software engineers and customer support experts.

For over a decade, our mission has been to assist companies worldwide in scaling efficiently, offering exceptional Customer Support, BPO, and AI solutions designed for a wide range of industries. At the core of our operations are our guiding principles: Hungry, Happy, Honest, Humble, which inform every partnership we nurture.

If you're dreaming of scaling effortlessly, look no further. We aim to be more than a vendor; we strive to be your committed ally among the best engineering outsourcing companies, supporting your journey long term.

IntelligentBee: Values Beyond Service

Unlock Unbeatable

Expertise Access

Unmatched Know-How

Dive into a pool of specialized knowledge in AI and Customer Support. Our expertise is tailored to meet the needs of both burgeoning startups and established tech leaders.

Innovation Drive

Lead, Don’t Follow

With our bespoke, cutting-edge tech solutions, you'll lead the way, setting new standards and staying ahead of the curve.

Focus on Core Competencies

Your Main Stage Awaits

Leave the technological nuances to us. Focus on what you do best, propelling your business toward its grand vision.

Cost Efficiency

Smart Spending

Invest your resources wisely. Our cost-effective outsourcing strategies promise significant operational savings, enabling a focus on core business areas.


Flex & Flourish

Scale with ease, without the hassle of recruitment or infrastructure woes. Our flexible team sizes adapt to your business's evolving requirements.

24/7 Support

Always On, Always Yours

Our doors never close. Offering consistent, round-the-clock support, we ensure your customers always have someone to turn to.

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Services at IntelligentBee: Buzzworthy Brilliance!


“Automating income verification requires establishing trust with the applicant immediately. If they have questions, our success and our brand are entirely dependent on answering their questions clearly, accurately, and immediately. The team at IntelligentBee feels like our team. They staff our front line support, respond as if their personal success depended on it, and do so with the thoroughness and excellence that keeps our customers happy, our success metrics off the charts, and our business expanding.”

Stephen Arifin

Founder, CTO of Payscore

“They are great. The management team is on top of issues and very communitive. When we need more bodies, they are ready with fresh supply and very efficient.”

Ryan Cable

Manager of Client Success at Bravo Store Systems

“As we were looking to expand our support operating window, we had spoken with a few different vendors in locations varying from the North America to Europe. IntelligentBee approached us at the right time where they wanted to understand our business line and operating model to cater to. From the outset, they paid attention, and were able to meet our demands swiftly. Having worked together so far for half a year, they continue to provide the necessary attention, are good at following up, and monitoring the team's progress.”

Michael Tsangaris

Customer Success Manager at Suade

API Platform

“IntelligentBee was instrumental in us becoming a 24/7 support shop. Before, we performed as an on-call service that had some engineers work overnight. Now, that’s no longer needed, which is a success story in my book. Their engineers molded into our culture. IntelligentBee’s passionate for their customers, focusing on their experience and maintaining customer satisfaction. They’ve done an excellent job exuding what’s essential for our organization to our customers.”

Cassie Brown

Head of Technical Support, API Platform

“IntelligentBee is faster than us. They’ve been on time and within budget every time. They have created an environment that makes employees happy to be working for the company. This certainly shows in IntelligentBee’s productivity and ability to be flexible, quick, and high-quality.”

VP of Support and Business Operations, Communication Platform


“We partner with IntelligentBee to both accelerate development efforts and provide global technical support services to our customers. The development solutions they provide are durable, scalable, and deliver results. The technical support they provide allows us to quickly solve or escalate customer problems and drive customer loyalty. They operate as a seamless extension of our domestic team and always produce results.”

Ken Apple

VP of Support and Business Operations, Sendgrid


“The quality of work is very good. Thanks to IntelligentBee efforts, the data translation process has gone successfully. They are communicative and accurate in providing progress updates. Their team has provided project management smoothly.”

Daniel Drangsholt

CFO, Automotive Dealers

“I have been working with IntelligentBee's team since 2020. The team are so easy to work with and very knowledgeable about different approaches for any app development. They provide a lot of guidance to my team, and made many helpful suggestions and recommendations we weren't even thinking about. I love that they were so passionate about our project and they completed each stage on time. I will continue to work with them.”

Ron R.

Founder and Managing Director


“When IntelligentBee took over this project, things began to catch up, even though many teams had worked at Floca! Without the help of IntelligentBee, we could not have launched the version we wanted! Thanks for the wonderful team!”

Ionut Patrascoiu

CEO Floca

Carnegie Technologies

“IntelligentBee has been a really great company to work with. Their development team is staffed with some really excellent technical folks, and we’ve had great success giving them big challenges and watching them come up with good solutions in a reasonable amount of time. We’ve even had them come in to improve the work of other development teams, which they’ve always done with good enthusiasm and great effect. They are also very responsive to our needs, and quick to dive in and help out. I’m very thankful for our partnership with IntelligentBee, and I am happy to have them on the team.”

Nicholas Armstrong

Director of Software at Carnegie Technologies


“IntelligentBee did an excellent job in working with our team and it was quite a surprise for us to see the festival app ready within 4 weeks. They were always on time and responsive to our needs and ideas. Surely we’ll continue to develop and expand the app alongside IntelligentBee.”

Vasile Biber

CTO Afterhills

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