Email Support Services

Your clients need fast, personalized and helpful emails that make your customer support best-in-class for your services. Focus on making your core product better, and we’ll take care of keeping your customers happy.

Chat Support Services

Responsive and accessible customer service can define how people perceive you and your skill in taking care of their needs. A prompt response to their concerns can transform you from being their headache to becoming their hero for the day. With our chat support services, you can be available every day, all the time.

    Why we’re better than the “alternative”

    We prioritize your customers’ happiness in providing your product support. We take great pride in consistently providing a high quality experience which they can count on when they need your help. Talk to us and learn how our team can take care of even the most particular and sophisticated of your customers solve their problems.
    As most of the customers’ first interaction is with a support representative, Support team represents the face of the company. We closely monitor the response time (SLA) and support health score (SHS) having as final scope to satisfy business requirements and drive customer loyalty.

    24/7 Customer Support

    Don’t fret about the quality of customer interaction. Be it day or night, we are here to help your customers receive the best experience of your product. Ready, set, go!

    Flexible pricing models

    Growing your business has never been easier thanks to a team of tailor-made professionals who can adapt to your business model. Our dedicated customer support team can help you respond to anything from responding to simple live chat queries to comprehensive e-mail technical support and troubleshooting. Whatever your services may be, we will work as your extension to enable you to focus on your own business goals.

    Full Transparency

    Our mission is to be a scaling partner for our clients, and that’s why we value the feedback of your clients as much as we value the services that we offer. We provide valuable business assets that help you decide where you want to go.

    Our custom KPI dashboards, customer tracking feedback and standards benchmarks allow you to feel safe in outsourcing your support services.

    Reliable Services

    We bring well-trained, savvy specialists on board that add value and deliver performance so you won’t have to worry about having to continually explain the details of your product. We’re a third party support provider that prides ourselves in keeping our product knowledge as good as the people building and maintaining it.

    Knowledgeable, well-trained, self-sufficient, it already sounds perfect, isn’t it?

    Solutions Architecture

    We know the value of great customer support interactions. Send us your documentation and together with our up-to-date knowledge of technical direction and experience in solving common service issues, we can build the right solutions for your customers’ most common problems.  We don’t stop with just that, feel free to collaborate with us on anticipating what new features and products will need to be supported moving forward.

    When choosing a long term partner, you need to hear what others have to say about our services.

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    Feel like you’ve found your partner? We’re just a click away!