Golang Development



ZUMATA is a data company that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to provide other companies - Online & Offline Travel Agencies, Banks, Insurance Companies, TMC's, Financial Companies - a set of tools that maximize sales from hotel bookings. Their cutting-edge travel technology and consolidated hotel inventory represent over 400,000 properties globally from a large number of suppliers.

ZUMATA’s Hotel Booking API is made for travel companies that are ready to build their own site or for companies looking to increase their hotel inventory. Their aggregate over 60+ global hotel suppliers and consolidate all the inventory into a single API.


IntelligentBee team integrated GRNCONNECT’s API, an online hotel booking portal which offers over 5,00,000 hotels across the globe along with facilities to book transfers and other sightseeing tours, with ZUMATA’s Hotel Booking API.

Technologies used: Golang


Due to IntelligentBee’s work, ZUMATA’s users can make:

  • Search and Availability Request

  • Re-Fetch Availability

  • Booking Request

  • Cancellation