Our Story

The bee metaphor goes a long way. Easy travel and the growing ease of communication means that we can buzz around to any place on the Globe. We work closely with our clients in the US, but have also been requested for our services all over Europe and even in the Middle East. Need a high level English speaking partner, skilled in custom software web & app development or in outsourced technical support? We’ve got you covered!

IntelligentBee was born from the need of a custom software development company that gathers full-stack dedicated developers and skilled technical support associates, fully integrating into your existing teams or culture, acting like your own extension and delivering flawless implementation for your ideas.


Years in Business


Team Members

Why IntelligentBee?

Whether you want to develop software from scratch or expand your existing business, we can speed up the scaling process while keeping the technical debt to a minimum.

Our dedicated teams combine clean code, efficient software development process and 24/7 outsourced technical support to deliver results that meet both your expectation and the expectation of your customers. They use modern programming languages such as Swift, Java, Golang, NodeJS, React, Ruby and more proven technologies, frameworks and approaches to easily scale our products.



Get to know our values behind the beehive!


Being sincere with others leads to trust. This can only be achieved by having power to admit our mistakes, by taking responsibility, ownership and offering and receiving constructive feedback.


We enjoy every challenge and we celebrate our achievements. Everyone here is encouraged to have a good time both at work and in personal life. At IntelligentBee, happiness is a state of mind.


Our main focus is our customers. Being receptive to their feedback, learning from them, working as a team and trying to understand their needs are our key points to improve ourselves along the way.


We are in constant competition with ourselves. Being better than yesterday is a value we love and appreciate. Everyone is free to wear many hats, but the learning hat should always be there.


Every project in a glimpse.


Know your game.

We involve ourselves very deep into planning and inception phase, contributing to simplifying the solution and minimizing the time to market. We usually don’t write the first line of code until the team is aware of what we’re supposed to do in detail, so that unexpected surprises (and costs) are avoided.

We adapt easily to changes.

We adapt our process according to each project stage, avoiding unnecessary steps if business requirements don’t ask for it.

We know every step of your project.

Our Agile oriented teams will track the full progress online on our staging servers or regularly on our Demo presentations.

Technologies for every idea.

We focus on the business value, choosing the right approach and technology. From NodeJS and ReactJS to Ruby, GO, PHP, NoSQL, Redis, iOS and Android – we can cover most of the online projects you can throw at us. Curious about what technology suits you best?


Meet the bees that add efficiency and great results to every project!