System Administrator
and DevOps

Premium Solutions

We are constantly asking ourselves what is the right way to ensure your systems are there when you need them. Customers have long memories, well after a problem has been resolved, people will still talk about it.

Research and Development

We are constantly testing and trying new software and architectures. The things that work are graduated into production environments, providing benefits of cutting-edge technology to our clients.

Cloud Services

The move to the cloud has provided many significant benefits to agile organizations. However, to reap the rewards you have to fully understand the capabilities and limitations of their environments.

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SysAdmin & DevOps

We believe that your business needs all the attention it can get in order to become the very best. For that we have SysAdmin services that will get your servers covered, providing IT infrastructure maintenance and DevOps services that will help you organize software build and deployment processes, providing continuous delivery and greater business agility.

Advanced monitoring services

We provide active monitoring with fast incident response times, ensuring seamless operation and keeping business-critical applications available when needed.

Configuration Management

If you have a large, complicated, or virtual Linux server environment, proper configuration management is critical to maintain security, performance and availability of services on-site and in the cloud.

Performance Tuning

Linux server installations, regardless of distro, are typically poorly optimized and require performance tuning to operate at their most efficient.

Server Monitoring

Maintaining high-availability and reliability depends on being quickly alerted to issues and correcting them before they can impact users.

Working together to get the best results

“We started working with IntelligentBee a few months ago and we haven’t looked back since. Our servers are now upgraded and scalable and beside the technical aspects, they are very proactive and always communicating to us what’s happening with our data. We finally have the long-needed time to focus on growing our business, we know they got our back. The culture in IntelligentBee and their values were the first reasons we thought about working with them.”

Georgiana Dragomir

Managing Director Grapefruit

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