Outsourced Customer Support

Outsourced customer support is the future. While you’re focusing on growing your company, we focus on your customers 24/7 support. Scaling your business has never been easier!

What we’re bringing to the table

Outsourced customer support is the future. While you’re focusing on growing your company, we focus on your customers. We offer 24/7 outsourced customer support to achieve your business goals and to help your customers enjoy the full experience of your product. With flexible pricing models that fit your needs and more than 7 years experience in chat and email support services, we can say that we’re pretty good at taking care of your customers.

Email Support Service

Every customer needs fast, personalized and accurate emails in which we provide the best solutions. We’re already typing...

Chat Support Services

An instant response to a customer’s problem can transform you into “hero of the day”. Be the hero, not the villain!

Why we’re better than the “alternative”

The happiness of our clients’ customers is our main priority and you can see that from our monthly CHS score. Do you need more reasons? Here they are:

24/7 Support

Our bees are ready to become your strategic partner with the skills, scope and experience to resolve and innovate, achieving together your business goals. Be it day or night, we are here to help your customers receive the best experience of your product. Ready, set, go!

Flexible pricing models that fit your needs

Scaling your business has never been easier thanks to a team of tailor-made professionals that is compliant to your business model. We have a dedicated team that will work as your extension, aiming together to the highest peak of your business goals.

The right people for your business

We bring savvy people on board that add value and deliver performance so you won’t have to worry about not understanding the details of your product. Managed, trained, self-sufficient, it already sounds perfect, isn’t it?

Solutions Architecture

We know the value of a great experience. Send us your documentation and together with our up-to-date knowledge of technical directions and solid understanding of how to solve the issues encountered, we’ll provide the right solutions.

Full Transparency

Our mission is to be a scaling partner for our clients and that’s why we value the feedback of your clients as much as we value the services that we offer. Custom KPI dashboards, customer tracking feedback and a set of standards are the assets that your business needs.

Sendgrid entrusts us with customer support and customer success management for more than 7 years.


Cloud Elements has put their trust in us and we are sure they’re not disappointed about our 24/7 support services.


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