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Outsourced Technical Support & Customer Success Teams

+7 yrs experience · Email and Chat Support · Customer Success

We provide functional fully-managed support teams who are ready to handle any challenge with no fuss, helping your business achieve 24/7 support cycle.

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Ken Apple
Ken Apple
VP Of Support And Business Operations

"In terms of support, we gauge results by response time to inquiries. IntelligentBee has met all of our objectives, which are the same as for our domestic team. Whether the customer is being served by our team or theirs, the response time is exactly the same. All customer interactions receive an NPS [Net Promoter Score], and have an opportunity to mention how fast and useful was a response was. IntelligentBee’s metrics match ours."

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Outsourced Technical Support - Always on time

Communication, support quality, and understanding of where your business is going are our core strengths. That's why we gathered associate support engineers, who are acting like your own extension.

We believe that the most effective way to keep your customers is to offer them a seamless product experience. With over 7 years of experience, we gathered a customer success team that is responsible for the support, training, best practice coaching and implementation process for all B2B customers. We can help you achieve 24/7 support for your customers by building functional fully-managed support teams for your business - on time and within budget, every time.

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