iOS & Android Apps



AFTERHILLS is the Romanian festival where music, visual arts and new experiences come to life. Featuring 4 stages (EDM, TECHNO, DOME and KAZE), it is the first major event in the North-East region of Romania.

Afterhills had more than 100 guests and it is the first major festival in this area of Romania gathering around more than 25.000 people.

AfterHills clients: Young spirits who want to get in touch with their deeper self.


Afterhills need was to interact with existing and new event participants through two new mobile apps (iOS & Android).

IntelligentBee helped Afterhills to launch in less than one month both mobile apps. In addition, we developed an admin interface so the event owners can add dynamically the guest list, update schedule and send push notifications.

Technologies used: React Native


Users of the Afterhills mobile apps can:

  • Read all the rules of the event

  • Access the festival map and zoom in and out of their favourite places

  • Know how to get there

  • See the line-up of the event and activities

  • See the schedule and set favourite events in order to get push notifications related only to those events

  • Get push notifications


Admins of the Afterhills mobile apps can:

  • Send push notifications

  • Update the schedule

  • Update the lineup