Outsourced Technical Support



Founded in October 2012, Cloud Elements is the fastest growing API integration platform which enables developers to integrate, publish, aggregate and manage all of their APIs through a unified platform. Using Cloud Elements, developers can connect categories or cloud services using APIs, integrating more than just data. We knew that we have to be part of it and in 2018 we started the collaboration with a dedicated team of outsourced technical support agents.


Since Cloud Elements is the fastest growing API integration platform, the need for 24/7 support increased. When you have a global customer base with needs around the clock, you need to have a team which offers prompt and efficient 24/7 technical support services and that’s what IntelligentBee team is doing. We decided to save the day and the night with 24/7 support coverage for their CE clients in order to solve the technical issues encountered. No matter the time, clients of Cloud Elements will benefit from our 24/7 technical support services. If the implementation becomes rather tricky, we will be there to help you step by step in order to have the best results.