Symphony (PHP) Development



Flendoc is an all-in-one professional network for doctors that allows them not only to find jobs and create CVs but also to help each other in solving medical cases and interact through comments or messages.


IntelligentBee developed for Flendoc some essential features for their platform, like Feed Page, Notification Module, Friend Suggestions and Add to Contact Module and Messenger Module (single chat and group chat).

Technologies used: PHP-Symfony, Doctrine, Docker, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Databases: Mysql, Neo4J, MongoDB, Redis


Flendoc users can:

  • Login in their personal profile

  • Search for contacts

  • Search for the type of institution they need

  • Chat one-to-one or in groups

  • Get notification

  • Explore news in a feed page

  • Can discover and add new contacts suggested by Flendoc based on their searches and interests

  • Manage their profile through an Admin panel