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Matching donors and receivers make blood donation way more efficient in places where there is never enough blood. This is also the main mission for Given - the first in-house app for IntelligentBee. This application has been devised keeping in mind the utility it will serve for being user-friendly, easily accessible and foremost, to connect people and voluntarily participate in saving lives. According to their enabling geolocation, the cases of urgent attention will be prior to that area and the users will be notified when they can help. We believe that technology can change the present social environment, which is a criterion that you want to apply to each product that you design, and Given is designed to encourage the community to become aware of one of the critical issues of the moment and take action where needed, when needed.


Community involvement through a common message can generate positive long-term trends. The given objective is to create sustainable solution that gives control of bigger projects in hands of end user. This ensures great awareness, volunteer participation and positive results. Based on an intuitive process, the application allows users to find real cases depending on the current location. Enabling geolocation can be performed for donation and distribution scheduling subsequent cases.


With Given app you can:

  • view push notifications after placed emergencies

  • read the distribution of cases according to their severity

  • view all blood banks from Romania

  • ability to schedule yourself in one of the centres available in the proximity of your location

  • distribution of cases to severe and critical soon after they have been issued.