Data & Servers



Founded in 1999 by three ambitious medical school graduates—Marius Ursache, Laurian Gridinoc and Ștefan Liuțe — Grapefruit was a pioneer of branding & digital in Romania. Although today they focus on building digital products, they are still the most awarded Romanian agency with 23 international awards for branding and digital projects.

Focusing on large clients, where their services bring visible ROI, they’ve been working with some of them for more than 6 years, maintaining a successful long-term relationship.

Grapefruit clients: ING, OTP Bank, Aqua Carpatica,,, Mattca, Antibiotice Romania, Renault, CinemaCity


IntelligentBee is providing continuous maintenance of physical and cloud based infrastructure for Grapefruit projects, which includes configuration of operating systems, web servers, data storage services, logging services, deployment tools, load balancers, monitoring and alerting systems and automated backups.

We are providing guidance to improve the existing infrastructure for large scale and high availability (resources -> Amazon S3, caching and sessions -> Redis replicated, MariaDB cluster) and actively trying to improve the maintenance process using configuration management (Puppet). Also our team is permanently on-call for technical interventions.

Technologies used: Apache, Nginx, HAproxy, Redis, MariaDB, Puppet, CentOS, ClearOS, OpenVPN, OpenLDAP, OMD-monitoring


Some of the things we've been doing:

  • Optimizing logistics and greatly reducing operation costs by migrating projects from physical and cloud servers to other cloud hosting providers (RapidSwitch -> DigitalOcean, in-house servers -> DigitalOcean)

  • DNS zones migration between name servers (Zerigo -> DigitalOcean)

  • Control management by optimizing alert parameters, in order to remove false positives, making it easy to know when something is really happening

  • Creating test environment for project changes

  • Improving servers structure (Ex: HAProxy as load balancer for Redis , OMD for better monitoring)