Application Arhitecture



iMemento is part of Memento Group - founded in 1997 and has 40+ offices around Europe. iMemento is the tech division and owner of They started with a single revolutionary idea: take bookings and travelings to the next level.


iMemento came to us with the idea for their newest project and they needed to be sure that the project is both worth doing and possible to accomplish. Then we came up with a clear guide for any engineering team to execute against, so they can go with the results of this inception to any development team in the world and start the implementation from that very moment.

Before writing the first line of code, we need to have a clear picture of what the project looks like from top to bottom. Having the UX flow, it’s easier for the engineering team to plan.

We take our time to simulate the whole project, envision all the resources needed, technologies we’re going to use. Goal is to identify the dependencies and problems ahead, when project is not rolling yet - so when we’re starting implementing, there won’t be no stops and blocks along the way.

This ensures predictability and reliability regarding our commitments as an engineering team.


After every inception, we deliver an Inception Document filled in with the whole project blueprint.

Content of the Document:

  • Goals

  • Actors (who they are, what they can do)

  • Authentication Methods

  • Use Cases

  • Architecture Overview

  • Diagrams: Sequence Diagrams, Deployment, Database schema

  • User Interface

  • API (description for every single API)

  • Configuration

  • Metrics

  • Logging

  • Monitoring

  • Functional Requirements

  • Operational Requirements

  • Security Requirements

  • Epics

  • Stories