Web & Mobile Platform



Newton is a new real estate concept 2020 like. When Facebook, Android and Tesla are on the market, it is safe to say that buildings have to adapt to modern users and forget about the classic housing and the vintage way of living.

Focusing on modern needs, Newton developed smart homes in the center of the city, expanding to the suburban areas and further. Smartphone is a human’s personal assistant these days so the frustration of not controlling even your in-house devices from the phone, ended at Newton.

Newton clients: Individuals who always wanted more and dreamed about owning a futuristic home.


IntelligentBee team created an application to help Newton residents manage their smart houses using a web (and mobile) app. From this app, users can check their administration bills, communicate with help desk, receive administrative announcements and manage their smart-resources from their houses. Also, Newton administrators have their own admin interface so they can manage the apartments and onboard the new apartments owners.

The application is not monolithic - being split in microservices which are communicating between them using REST API calls.

We also implemented a platform for services where users can connect and request handymen to solve their problems (i.e. fix a broken pipe, move furniture, etc).

Technologies used: PHP with Symfony2, nodeJs, RoR, Java, Html, CSS, JS, Mysql, ElasticSearch

Integrations with: Sendgrid, Twilio, Zendesk, Mobilpay


The application allows Newton users to:

  • Turn on/off lights

  • Turn on/off sockets

  • lock/unlock door

  • Set the temperature

  • See status of sensors (window/door opened, fire sensor, flood sensor, etc.)

  • Manage access cards

  • Receive alerts in case fire or flood is detected

  • Create customer support tickets

  • Pay for the administrative bills