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Today’s organizations face increasing business pressures due to globalization, changing competitors, stricter regulations, faster pace of innovation and demand for a better processes management. empowers business users to own their processes and the user experience while enabling effective team collaboration. The tool provides support for Business Processes (allows clients to manage the processes, execute and track reports), team collaboration and ultimately improves the quality of each client’s business output. clients: Companies that need a complete BPM tool to improve the efficiency using private and public processes. From the restaurant industry to the IT.


IntelligentBee team implemented both the public website and the platform itself.

Our developers paid attention towards frontend interface and backend administration panel, in order to have a 100% customized, responsive, and user-friendly tool. is completely web-based, a true SaaS. All standard operating procedures and processes are stored in the server and can be accessible from anywhere on any device. We also developed an iOS app so users can access easier the data when operating on mobile devices.

Technologies used: PHP, Symfony2, Stripe, JQuery, Bootstrap, Apache, Elastisearch


With everyone can:

  • Document repetitive tasks that are time consuming

  • Keep refining and improve processes, being able to collaborate with anyone at anytime, easy and secure

  • Create departments, add/remove users, set permissions and maintain a central view of all the users

  • Reduce employee training time and costs

  • Employees get all their preset tasks in the personalized Dashboard and complete these tasks step-by-step, using forms. Every step can be assigned

  • Watch employee tasks being completed in real time

  • Use reports to see which processes can be improved

  • Collect data at each step and use it later

  • Provide visibility and control, tracking every change made to a business process

  • Be available from any device

  • Manage multiple businesses and teams

  • Improve teamwork

  • See other users processes and learn from them

  • Improve process throughput and efficiency

  • Scale every business using processes