Product Design & Development



The mission of StudyEnjoy is to improve the living environment of students by offering accommodation at €1 per day through the exchange of housing.

StudyEnjoy is a community that is part of a new trend: collaborative consumption. This community is based on solidarity, sharing and mutual assistance among its members. It's a system that offers an alternative solution to existing offers in the student housing market and reassures parents that their child will enjoy their time while studying.

It allows everyone to focus on their studies without having to take on a student job and thus facilitates success.

StudyEnjoy clients: students and parents around the world who want to remove the expense of rent to improve their living environment.


IntelligentBee helped StudyEnjoy with the product design and specs in the first phase. Their visionary founders came up with this awesome idea and then together we started to work on it by developing a suitable solution.

After agreeing on which solution is best, we started to implement it. Today, the StudyEnjoy application allows students around the world to exchange rooms in another city or country without paying rent.

The interface is easy to navigate and in no time students can find housing around the world. The application also has API so other tools or 3rd parties can easily integrate with StudyEnjoy and mobile app development can be done without any other changes on the web app.

Technologies used: PHP with Symfony2, Html, CSS, JS

Databases: Mysql, ElasticSearch

Integrations: Sendgrid, Twilio, Zendesk


The application allows StudyEnjoy users to:

  • Public own place for rent

  • Search for housing

  • Exchange messages with other users

  • Give and receive feedback

  • Book rooms to their destinations